WF-1 In-Line Sediment Filter


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  •  Physitemp Instruments has introduced an In-line Sediment Filtration System for its extensive range of thermoelectric cooling and heating stages. The filtration system comprises a compact tabletop unit with a clear plastic filter housing. Water connections are made from the water supply and to the thermoelectric stage using the standard quick/disconnect self-sealing water fitting used on all Physitemp’s current stages.

    Physitemp Instruments recommends the use of the WF-1 Sediment Filter with all BFS and TS series stages that are either directly connected to an unfiltered tap water supply or are using a PTU-3 pump and Tank Unit system filled with unfiltered tap water. If the PTU-3 is used with distilled water, sediment in the reservoir should be minimal and the WF-1 may not be required.

    A five micron particle filter is supplied installed in the filter housing. This filter prevents the accumulation of sediment in the waterways of the stage heatsink, thereby maintaining maximum heat exchange efficiency. Condition of the filter is clearly visible through the filter housing and filter replacement requires no tools and can be accomplished in a few minutes. Recommended filter replacement period is 4-6 months, depending on the severity of the problem. 

    -A pack of three replacement sediment filters are available. Order part no: SF-1.
    For other water related filtration issues contact the Physitemp Engineering Department. (link to contact) Other types of filters are available, please contact us for details.


    Prevents accumulation of sediment in the stage

    Easily installed on existing BFS or TS Series systems

    Helps to maintain maximum heat exchange efficiency



    WF-1 Specifications



    4.5”D x 12.5”H



    2.5 lbs.

    Filter Size:


    5 microns

    Water Connections:


    Replacement Filters

    Model No. SF-1


    3 per box

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  •          Please call for details 

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